Press and Media

CHAT Media (Dolphin Project)

Publication Years
Scientific American 2014
Washington Post 2014
CNET 2014
Daily Mail UK 2014
Wired UK 2014
Huffington Post 2013
Scientific American 2011
Popular Science 2011
Gizmag 2011
The Guardian 2011
Digital Trends 2011

FIDO Media

Below you can find a selection of articles relating to the FIDO project.

Media Date
CNN Segment: Teaching dogs to speak May 2016
Fablab Episode Segment: Going to the Dogs Jan 2016
CBS News Story Jan 2016
FOX News (Video) Feb 2015
NPR (Online and Audio) Jan 2015
TEDx Peachtree (Video) Oct 2014
Fox 5 Tech Edge (Video) Oct 2014
Head Line News (Video) Oct 2014
Discovery Channel Daily Planet (Video) May 2014
Thad Starner on Diane Rehm Show (Audio) Jan 2014
Georgia Tech Feature Jan 2014
Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Dec 2013
BBC Online (Video) Sep 2013
Forbes Magazine July 2013
PSFK Labs June 2013
MIT Technology Review June 2013

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